Filmmakers Tackle Next Project on Homelessness

Submitted by Robert Robinson on Wed, 08/09/2017 - 09:18

The producer and cinematographer of the award wing film Under the Bridge: The Criminalization of the Homeless are working on their next project. Don Sawyer and Tim Hashko have said,  "ask average citizens across the U.S. about spending their tax dollars on free housing for the homeless, and the answer will likely be some variation of - “Why should my hard-earned cash be wasted on these bums?” It’s a mindset nearly impossible to argue against.Yet most taxpayers don’t know that their money is already being wasted on homelessness in gross amounts. Mental illness and substance abuse among people living on the street drains millions of tax dollars each year due to frequent encounters with law enforcement, court systems and emergency rooms. Each homeless individual’s cost to the U.S. taxpayer is between $30,000 and $50,000 per year, as reported by The United States Inter-agency Council on Homelessness.

Now, ask average citizens about decreasing current tax spending on homelessness by 68%, and the answer would likely be some variation of: “What’s the catch?”

We are a Bigger Vision film production company. Our next film will highlight the emerging solution called Housing First. Housing First models provide housing and case management for homeless citizens, instead of expecting those living on the street to simply ‘pull themselves up by their bootstraps’. Housing First success rates have shattered national averages over the past decade. Fifty U.S. cities have eradicated veteran homelessness, and the model is believed to be portable to other segments of chronic homeless populations.

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**About the filmmakers**Don Sawyer - Don is the producer and director of a Bigger Vision. He produced, wrote and music supervised UNCHARTED: The Truth Behind Homelessness, and produced, directed, co-wrote and music supervised UNDER THE BRIDGE: The Criminalization of Homelessness, now available on Amazon Prime, i-Tunes, Google Play and VUDU. Don has used his film making to address social justice issues.

Tim Hashko - Tim is the cinematographer and editor for a Bigger Vision. Tim did key photography for UNDER THE BRIDGE: The Criminalization of Homelessness, and is the director of photography for the upcoming film A MURDER IN PLYMOUTH. Tim joined aBigger Vision to address social justice issues through film. 

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