The Tour Continues -- Former Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff speaks at CUNY with a Different Message & Tone

Submitted by administrator on Mon, 05/15/2017 - 17:35
Dilma Roussef speaks to CUNY students.

Maybe it was the organizers of the event or maybe it was the audience but recently impeached Dilma Rouseff had a different message and tone for her talk on Friday. Former Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff continued her worldwide tour with another NYC stop. On Friday April 14th Rouseff spoke to a packed room at CUNY's Murphy Institute of Labor Studies. The event which was organized by the Committee to Defend Democracy in Brazil was much different than her talk at the New School in NYC earlier in the week. Rouseff made candid remarks about the lack democracy in Brazilian elections and the state of the economy in Brazil.


She spoke of the advances of a more equal society under the leadership of the Workers party-- in particular-- advances of the middle class, increases in life expectancy and the eradication of hunger in Brazil. She applauded the people of Brazil who have taken to the streets to resist the current right wing government and authoritarian rule. Rouseff thanked the many Brazilian allies in NYC who have supported left struggles in Brazil. Her talk seemed well received by the crowd.