Mission Statement

The mission of Boots on the Ground Collective (BOTG) is to bring together critical thinking progressive members of our communities to construct a vision of a new world through storytelling. We envision BOTG to be a space without boarders where a shared ideology exists between community members, students, academics, faith communities and legal supporters. The site will be a space where people can share tactics, strategies and stories of resistance. BOTG will be a place where our global enemies and targets are clearly defined and identified. It is our hope that we can present a grassroots methodology for building global solidarity by bringing together, web developers, graphic designers, mappers, people affected by social injustice and their allies to create a space to build our vision of a new world.

Who We Are

Drutopia Collective

Drutopia is an initiative to revolutionize the way we build online tools. We’re combining the principles of software freedom, community ownership and inter-sectional politics to co-develop technologies that meet our needs and reflect our values.

Design Collective